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dr remi batire 2Christ Shalom Bible Center (CSBC) is the church alms of Christ Miracle Evangelical Ministries International (CMEMI). CMEMI was birth by the Lord Jesus Christ through His servants, Prophetess Dr. Oluwaremilekun Batire and her late husband, late Rev Solomon Batire. Prophetess Dr. Remi and her late husband were college teachers who love God with all their heart.


However the enemy afflicted Prophetess Dr. Remi will severe sickness that lasted for over 5 years. The Prophetess and her late husband attempted every available human help to resolve their problem, they even went to the extent of selling most of their belongings, but all to no avail. Until they return back to the Lord Jesus Christ for help. Hence on the 1st of January 1984, Prophetess Dr. Remi Batire, heard the voice of the Lord, requesting her to wash her teeth and take her bath as this is hygienic to the body. Given that it was over 6 months previously that she last taken her bath, owning to the serious sickness. The Prophetess took her bath and thereafter she heard the Lord spoke again.


On the second occasion, the Lord told her not to go anywhere with any problem because He God has taken care of this, however people will be coming with their problem and He (God) will be solving them. Simultaneously her late husband heard the Lord spoke to him too. The voice of the Lord says “Today, your land is made brand new” and that was the beginning of the new beginning. The Lord called and ordained Prophetess Dr. Remi to be a prophetess of the end time. Since her divine ordination as a prophetess, the Lord has confirmed her calling by several signs, miracles and wonders.


Her ministry has touched several lives both within Nigeria and countries abroad. Several hundreds of psychiatrist patients has received their sanity, barrens have children, financial problem solved, dead were restored back to life, lames walked, marriages restored, word of prophesies from her month, is precise, straight to the point and always brought to pass by God. Through her servant, the Lord birth Christ Miracle Evangelical Ministries in Nigeria in 1984.


In 1997, the son of the Prophetess, Prophet Dr. Martins Batire, was brought into United Kingdom by God’s miraculous hand. In 2001, he was ordained as a pastor and in 2003 was instructed by God to “rise and lead his people” Yielding to this instruction, Christ Miracle Evangelical Ministries International was born in the United Kingdom, also known as Christ Shalom Bible Center.


As our slogan read, “Christ Shalom Bible Center, Christ Miracle Evangelical Ministries International is a movement, where we hear God’s Word, live Christ life and enjoy Holy Ghost Peace, Welcome to the World of Shalom”



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