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Leaders of Tomorrow

This unit comprises of our “destined for greatness” infants, children and youths. The purpose of this ministry is to raise a generation, from a corrupt world, equipped to excel in life, and express a sincere God centred lifestyle through the word, will and power of Faith.

The youths are actively encouraged to participate in other departments and, through teaching and encouragement, are equipped to change their world. One of the responsibilities of the youth ministry is reaching out to and assisting the forgotten, deprived, less fortunate of their community, nation and the world. The ministries involved activities that is aimed to scripturally nurture children.

Ages 0 – 2 Infant and Nursery Unit
Age 3 – 5 & 6 – 10 Young stars
Age 11 – 14 Tenager Unit
Age 15 – 19 Adolesent Unit


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Fellowship Venue

Ravens Wood School

Oakley Road




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