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His Mission

We called it the 3 E’s
• Echoing praises and worship unto the Lord
• Edification of the body of Christ (The church).
• Evangelism and mission to the dying world.

The 3 E’s is the inner mind of the vision that God has given to Shalom, we called it His Mission. His Mission is the engine that drives the vision to successful ending that God desire.

Therefore the 3 E’s was shown by the Lord to Rev Martins Batire, in the form of a cross upon which Jesus Christ died and at the center of the cross was Jesus, the beginning and finisher of our faith: Horizontally on the cross is the church of Christ with Him, above the cross is God receiving the praises and worship of His people and at the bottom of the cross was the lost souls that only God can drawn to Himself through us.

Therefore, Shalomites as they are called are in the center of the cross with the Lord Jesus. And the church has a duty to fully involve itself in everything that lead to edification. CMEMI is mandated by God to draw and carry every members of Shalom through loving and godly correction, rebuke, encouragement; godly advice, imploring and gently leading the people of God through His word and prayer by the help of the Holy Spirit.

Once the church has fully been edified, together, the church of God [CSBC] then have a duty to echo praises and worship to God of heaven who dwell in the praises of His people. The best any sons of God can give to Him is praise because praises and worship is God’s food. Pure praises and worship from the right people metamorphosis to God’s glory once given to Him. And God will never share His glory with no one.

Once His Glory (His praises & worship) has been given to Him, He will now release His Spirit and power to draw people unto himself. The bible says if we lift Him up, (in praise and worship that came from a pure, edified and renewed church) He will draw many unto Himself. That is evangelism and mission to the dying world, which is the 3rd E’s of Shalom.

No one, no church can evangelise the dying world, without God doing it Himself. The bible says unless the Lord builds the house, the builder build in vain. So it is God building in us and through us. He will reach out through us, having given him his due (praise and worship from an edified church) and draw the lost unto Himself.
And the circle continue all over again: Edify the body, who continue to give praises and worship as they allow God to work through them, by drawing lost souls unto Himself. I implore you to join this end-time mission. May the Lord bless you as you do.


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