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Welfare Unit

• Welfare team.
As the name implies, this ministry is concerned with the welfare of the CSBC congregation and is also involved in planning and executing external welfare programmes. This unit are responsible for organising church social events, carnivals and church social outings. This ministry is made up of Protocol Team, Hospitality and Catering Team, Scholarship and Charity Board and Event Planning and Publicity Team. These teams work together to meet the emotional, transportation, financial and material (e.t.c) needs of CSBC members.

• Usher Ministry
This is made up of members of the Ushers, greeters, traffic controllers and security personels. Their duties include ensures organisation and orderliness during church services and social events. They are also responsible for congregational sitting arrangements, welcoming visitors and guests. They are responsible for parking arrangements, amongst other things.

• Protocol Team
This unit are responsible for protocol matters which includes, liaison with invited ministers on preaching assignment attending to visiting ministers and overseeing senior pastor’s itinerary and many more.


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