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God instructed in Psalm 134, that all His servants (and that include you) that stand both nights and days should lift up holy hands to bless and praise the Lord. But how do we bless and praise the Lord? You may ask. The bible stated in the book of Psalm 150 verses 4 – 5, that we should praise God with trumpet, flute and harp.
We should also praise Him with tambourine, choir dance, with stringed and wind instruments, flute, resounding cymbals and loud clashing cymbals. To fully engage in God’s kind of worship and praise, the Lord have ordained and set apart some vessels of honour that will pilot us into His court of praise with singing. These vessels are:

• Men Choir: All men choir that minister in men events.
• Women Choir: All Women choir that minister in women events.
• Church Choir: This is the combination of all worship teams members of all groups within the ministries.
• Youth Musical Choir: This wonderful and dynamic young leaders minister during all youth’s programmes.
• Evangelical / Mission Musical Group : This is a special choir ministers for evangelical / mission and special events within and outside the church.
• Instrumentalist Unit: This are dynamic and professional instrumentalist of the ministries that play to the glory of God. They also train and develop others in the use of all musical instrument, all to the glory of God.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour and upon becoming a dedicated member of our ministries, you can volunteered to use your God-given gift to fulfill the mandate of God for our church, ministries and your life.

You are called to be a worshiper.


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