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God called us at a time like this when the cart has been placed before the horse in the kingdom of Christ. All that matters to religious people is to engage in God’s services (all for their own advantage) by displaying, exhibiting their talents and gifts without godliness and holy righteousness. The vision of God for this end-time ministry can therefore be paraphrase as Perception, Reception and Service with biblical basis in Isaiah chapter 6 verse 1 – 6 and is fully stated below.

Just like prophet Isaiah in chapter 6 verse 1 of his book, who perceives the highly lifted God, we are called into the assignment of enabling you to perceive God in His majesty. This we achieve by teaching the whole word of God that is truthful, through godly fellowship and counseling and working with you and the Holy Sprit in the perception of His majesty. As a result of your perception of God, you will discover yourself and your ungodly environment because of the penetrating bright  light of His glory that will reflect on you. You will discover your faults, your mistakes, habits, sins and iniquities. Just like Isaiah, the light of His throne will reveal your environment (culture, friends, and est.) and you will long for a change, an inward change that only He can bring.

Your cry, longing and desire for Him and His righteousness will draw God’s heart and love to touch your mouth with His fire of righteousness. Given that God’s righteousness can only enter our life through hearing and doing of His undiluted word, hence God has place a duty on us to teach His righteousness and also preach it, not only by words but also by our ways of living an exemplary life. We have a mandate as a church to kindle the spirit of obedience to God and His word in everyone; for only when we fully obey God, then we shall be accredited with one of the heaven currency called “RIGHTEOUSNESS” The bible says ‘Abraham obeyed God and it was accredited unto him as righteousness”

Only then can we serve God, because to serve God is costly and it is never cheap. The bible says that you and I should not come into His presence empty-handed. Equally, King David in the service of God said that he will not give unto God that which will cost him nothing.Just in the same manner, there is no way you and I can truly serve God without a cost. And what it will cost you is not material things or earthly things but rather it will cost you the heavenly currency called “RIGHTEOUSNESS” which only God can accredit into your account and if your account is empty, with what will you serve God?

Upon joining Christ Miracle Evangelical Ministries International and having fully obeyed God, who in return had enabled His righteousness in the inside of you, we will then commit you to serve. And because you are rich in His righteousness, you shall continue to serve until eternity and also serve with the right reasons. May the Lord bless you.


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