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Thieves On The Cross

Prophet Dr. Martins received a vision from God to lead a global army of Christian lawyers who have the burden of reaching the “Thieves on the cross” who has been put behind bars for years or for life and or condemn to death. In such situations they may have lost confidence in the state or they may not be entitled to legal assistance. Some might not even have hope of ever being freed.

However, members of the “Thieves on the cross mission” will provide a free legal assistance but the ultimate aim is to lead such people unto Christ, just as Christ led the condemned thief on the cross to paradise. This is an alms-length charity mission and its assignment is to attract Christian lawyers who will be willing to provide pro bono services for the less privilege.

I am not a lawyer, how can I be involve?
1. You can partner with us financially by donating towards the smooth running of the project and God shall surely bless you.
2. You can be involved by praying for the success of this great project.


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Fellowship Venue

Ravens Wood School

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