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His Mandate

• To reach 9 nations of the world.
• To raise 1.2 million disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide
• Christ Shalom Bible Center (a.k.a.) Christ Miracle Evangelical Ministries International, is an end-time church movement, where we hear God’s undiluted words, live Christ’s life and enjoy Holy Ghost peace.


• Discovery
Upon God adding you to the body of Christ and having accepted Jesus Christ into your life as your personal saviour and Lord. It our duty to begin to look for and draw out God’s gift in your life which is unused, under-used or untapped. This we called a process of discovery. We shall work with you on a one to one basis and in group.

• Development
Once by His grace, we have discovered your gifts, we shall proceed toward character building. We shall work with the Holy Spirit to enhance, induce and build in you a godly character which will shoulder and enable your gifts to flourish. We are living in a world where people generally and Christians in particular, display their talents and gifts, which is only short-lived because of lack of strong godly character. The bible said that your gift shall make room for you – but note that the gifts and talents only provide you room but only godly character can sustain you and keep you permanently in the room. Hence, among other things, we shall work with you through one to one and group mentoring, teaching and studying of the word of God with the aim of drawing out from the inside of you agape love, self control, patient, endurance and many more.

• Deployment
We shall then deploy you into practical assignment which will further enable your spiritual growth. Depending on your stage in your Christian walk and development, you will be given assignments, task and responsibility with deadlines and accountability. As the adage goes, practice makes perfection. Hence you will be encouraged to put to active use your gifts and talents while at the same time continue to develop your advancing godly character.


• Reading, studying, researching and practising the word of God
• Total reliance on the Holy Spirit and absolute dependence on His leading
• Effective prayer from the Holy Spirit view point.

Then the Lord said unto me: Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, write it in a way that only runners who have the mind and eyes of an eagle may see it as My vision. They will be inspired by My Spirit to join the race and run with it. However, know that this vision is scheduled by Me for the appointed time; it speaks of the end-time, and because it originated from Me, it shall never lie. If it seems to tarry, continue to wait for it in preparation; it will surely come and at the appointed time, it will not delay.

Have a deep look at the proud that attempt to scorn My vision! They act so because their spirit is not right within them, but let the righteous ones that believe in I and my word continue to expect and live daily by their faith until the manifestation of the fullness of the vision whose inventor is GOD, that can make all things that seems impossible to humans mind, happens. Habakkuk 2 verses 2 – 4.


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